Flickr Changes: from 150Mb to 500Mb for Video (but still 90 seconds)

Today I noticed that the maximum allowed size of video to upload is 500Mb against the previous of 150Mb. I don’t know if it is a real change or just a mistake of the webmaster. The lenght of the video is still 90 seconds (it can be longer, but the first 90 seconds will be visible only). Maybe it has been upgraded because of HD 90 secs videos from cameras and videocameras are bigger than 150Mb. I hope that Flickr will allow to upload bigger and longer video in the future. I can pay an extra for this feature.

Update: this news was published on Flickr Blog 2 days later of mine. Maybe they read mine :-), by the way I read that this is a pro account feature only.

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    • I suggest you to not use YouTube for personal videos because of rights management. Infact YouTube use the same rights policy of Facebook, for web-uploaded contents:

      Content Uploaded to Site. Any personal information or video content that you voluntarily disclose online (e.g., video comments, your profile page) may be collected and used by others. If you download the YouTube Uploader, your copy includes a unique application number. This number, and information about your installation of the Uploader (version number, language) will be sent to YouTube when the Uploader automatically checks for updates and will be used to update your version of the Uploader.

      Then go to 8.2 of and you can see that you give to YouTube a limited license to all your content, also the private one.
      Than again you can avoid copyright violation if you subscribe to the Content Identification System. But a lot of people doesn’t use it because of occasional use of copyrighted videos.

      Photobucket have 10mins video, but only 10Gb of storage and up to 5Mpixels images at a double price and by now, I have uploaded about 22Gb on Flickr with a lot of 8Mpixels images… so I could not use it, also if it has the same rights management of Flickr.

      "Mi piace"

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