From Google Drive to Google Plus Photos

The Net is full of articles and tutorials about having Google Drive photos and videos on Google Plus Photos Service in order to share or edit them but it is, at the present date, my full experience as a deep Google Apps’ user, with some tips and tricks.

First of all there three way to have your Google Drive photos and videos also in Google Plus Photos.

  1. Manually uploading (or Auto Backuping with the Auto Backup App or Desktop Application) them from your HDD or SSD, but in this way you are going to occupy double the space and taking double the time to upload;
  2. Automatically loading folders as albums (no possibility to have a tree organization) flagging the settings feature “Show Drive photos and videos in your photo library
  3. Manually loading the photos directly from Google Drive without uploading it from your computer.

The next is a workaround tutorial to get back the removed album to Google Plus Photos. Of course, you had to be activated in the Google Plus settings, the feature about seeing Google Drive photos in Google Plus.

I have resolved in this way: if you have shared the folder from drive, you need to create a new folder in your Google Drive folder from where the album on Google Plus Photos had been created in order to have same sharing option to same people of the upper level folder. Name the new folder as same as the upper level one. Move all the photos of the upper level folder to the lower level folder. Wait for Google Plus Photos to read it (close window and open it after 5 minutes), than you can move the lower level folder at the same level of the upper one, and remove it (I suggest to change the name of the upper level folder in order to prevent windows/mac to create a folder name with ” (1)” at the end. And Voilat! you have the album back!
If you don’t have shared the folder on drive with anyone, you can simply rename the old folder (to avoid (1) in hdd), create a new folder with same name of the previous one at the same level, and copy all the content of the renamed old folder to the new one.
The only bad thing is that there is no possibility to simply copy from drive to google plus photos directly online… Also in this case there is a solution:
Upload a pic from your hdd, the smallest the fastest; create an album; copy the other photos from Drive; remove the first pic if it is off topic. You will have geotag and autoawesome feature if the photo is still in an another google plus album, no tag or geotag if the photo is not in other albums.

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