NowPublic’s article about Agriturismo in Italy: photo inclusion

I am delighted to let you know that my photo of a man, cooking a porceddu (piglet) at an Agriturismo in Sardinia, has been selected for inclusion in an article about Agriturismo in Italy written by Patricia Turo.Porceddu (maialetto) in cottura, Agriturismo Santa Reparata, Buddusò (Olbia-Tempio)

Here is the original message with links changed to the article’s url.

Hi andrea=netnemo,

Here’s a personal note from Patricia Turo:

I have written an article on this subject and would love to include your photo’s.

Thank you in advance

Patricia Turo

please click on this link


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Flickr Changes: from 150Mb to 500Mb for Video (but still 90 seconds)

Today I noticed that the maximum allowed size of video to upload is 500Mb against the previous of 150Mb. I don’t know if it is a real change or just a mistake of the webmaster. The lenght of the video is still 90 seconds (it can be longer, but the first 90 seconds will be visible only). Maybe it has been upgraded because of HD 90 secs videos from cameras and videocameras are bigger than 150Mb. I hope that Flickr will allow to upload bigger and longer video in the future. I can pay an extra for this feature.

Update: this news was published on Flickr Blog 2 days later of mine. Maybe they read mine :-), by the way I read that this is a pro account feature only.

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