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A pleasant and unexpected interview for BBC Capital

On 5th September 2014 I had been contacted by the UK-based journalist Lennox Morrison because she was writing an article on collecting fountain pens for BBC Capital. She asked me if I was free for a telephone/skype interview of about 20 minutes

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Some suggestions always useful against thefts of camera/videocamera

It is always a bad sensation to discover that someone has stolen our photographic or video equipment.  The past summer was like the others, with a lot of friends and other people I know that don’t have their equipment anymore,

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Editing exif infos, sorting, browsing, storing and backing up photos

As you probably know, I am a backup maniac. I have multiple physical and online backups of all my data, particulary of all my photos and camera clips. And I also use Flickr service to backup all of them and

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Gmail new look

Surprise!! At the opening of my email, this morning there were a lot of changes in layout and structure of the Gmail account. Infact Google Team announced these changes: Overview of what’s new in Gmail A new look for Gmail

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New management for my web sites

Yesterday I finished to configure the new management for my site, considering I have no more time for them, I decided to continue to use as a portal for my pages and profiles and for other sites I manage

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