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Google Plus reached over 36 million users!

A simple search for “a” using the Search bar at the top display over 36 millions users. How much time do you believe that will pass until Google Plus reaches 100 million users?

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Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 Firmware Updates to Gingerbread

I have just updated my Sammy. The first thing I notice is that it’s faster and the Product Code has changed from I9000XXJVK to I9000XXJVO… More updates soon, after some days…

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New iPods, better iPods

Yesterday I tried to get access to the Apple Store to build a fantastic Mac Pro and compare it with a friend to prove that a self assembled mid tower PC is ALWAYS inferior to a Mac Pro, regardless of

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Some suggestions always useful against thefts of camera/videocamera

It is always a bad sensation to discover that someone has stolen our photographic or video equipment.  The past summer was like the others, with a lot of friends and other people I know that don’t have their equipment anymore,

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Gmail HTML Signature

With the new Gmail signature format is simply possible to add rich text format and online picture in to the signature. But what if you want to add html code in order to add classic features like alternative text or

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