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Tenere in perfetta efficienza la vostra Gmail

Sono un grande fan del mondo Google, e lo utilizzo in pieno, sia nelle sue funzioni gratuite, che in quelle a pagamento (che comunque sono a basso costo), passando per quelle sponsorizzate. Considero ad esempio la Gmail, ovvero la Google

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Some suggestions always useful against thefts of camera/videocamera

It is always a bad sensation to discover that someone has stolen our photographic or video equipment.  The past summer was like the others, with a lot of friends and other people I know that don’t have their equipment anymore,

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Gmail HTML Signature

With the new Gmail signature format is simply possible to add rich text format and online picture in to the signature. But what if you want to add html code in order to add classic features like alternative text or

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Editing exif infos, sorting, browsing, storing and backing up photos

As you probably know, I am a backup maniac. I have multiple physical and online backups of all my data, particulary of all my photos and camera clips. And I also use Flickr service to backup all of them and

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Gmail new look

Surprise!! At the opening of my email, this morning there were a lot of changes in layout and structure of the Gmail account. Infact Google Team announced these changes: Overview of what’s new in Gmail A new look for Gmail

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