A new free community for antiques, vintage & art object enthusiasts

If you are a vintage objects lover, you should visit @Quid, a new free website built by a collector with the aim to help other vintage collectors, antique lovers and also guests finding good deals or sharing experiences too. It is very interesting and you can find any kind of information or the item you were looking for a long time.

It is not a new entry but I waited for some months before talking about it, just to see if it have had a future or not. And it have grown up faster for sure!

Alan Ehrlich, the website ideator and manager is not newbie either of the web either of the vintage world. I know him by Linkedin because we share fountain pens passion.

He proposed me to mirror my reviews on @Quid… how can I say no? It will be very interesting and I am proud of this opportunity he gives to me.

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